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Emergency Dental 

We at Dentist @ Westleigh understand accidents can happen causing knocked out tooth, or experience tooth pain, when you do, please seek emergency dental care by calling us on 9446 5500 or 0410 619 276.  Your condition will be assessed, then scheduled for same day appointment. 

How do you define dental emergency?​

In the case of a dental emergency, contact us to organise an urgent appointment. But what would be considered a dental emergency?


Typically, it’s an unexpected event or trauma that occurs to your teeth or gums, often associated with intense pain, swelling, or bleeding. Some examples of dental emergencies include:


  • Broken, cracked, or knocked-out teeth

  • Bleeding from the mouth that won’t stop

  • Intense mouth pain that prevents you from sleeping or doing other activities

  • Swollen mouth area

  • Root canals or extractions

How can we help you achieve great oral health? Contact one

of our teams today.

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