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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet The Team


Dr Aldrin Villanueva Bautista  
Principal Dentist

Dentistry is My Passion in Life!

Growing up, Dr Aldrin experienced frequent dental treatment and didn’t have the best experience. He was inspired to become a dentist so he could help people achieve good oral health and avoid extensive dental treatment.

I am passionate about giving my patients the highest quality treatment and experience. It is something I continually strive for.”

Education and Experience

To prepare for his career in dentistry, Dr Aldrin earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine from The University of the East, College of Dentistry, in Manila, the Philippines. He graduated in 1995. He also participated in an externship program at Veterans Memorial Medical Center, the Philippines. While there, he provided war veteran patients with oral healthcare. He also has taken a broad array of professional development courses:

  • Mini-Residency in Orthodontics

  • Radiation Protection for Cone Beam Dental Digital Tomography

  • Myofunctional Orthodontic Courses

  • Emulating Natural Morphology-simplified Approach to Aesthetics

  • Sleep Apnoea: More Than Just CPAP

  • Nasal Obstruction in Children and Adults

Professional Memberships

Dr Aldrin is a member of the following: Philippine Dental Association, Dental Board of Australia-Certificate of Registration, Australian Dental Council-Registration, and the Australian Dental Association.

Outside the practice, Dr Aldrin enjoys spending quality time with his family and catching up with their activities. He also likes going to the movies, playing, eating, meeting up with friends, riding his mountain bike and hitting the trails.


Dr. Silvina Cabrerizo
Associate Dentist

Dr. Silvina has more than 20 years of experience as a dentist, starting her career in her native country Argentina, where she graduated from the National University of Cordoba. She ran a successful private practice in Argentina for 10 years before emigrating to New Zealand where she spent a considerable amount of time working in private practices.

She moved to Sydney in 2017 to continue her passion for dentistry and provides a wide range of general dental services at Leichhardt Dental Centre. She is kind and compassionate which makes her the best at treating anxious and nervous patients.

Dr. Silvina has undertaken numerous postgraduate education courses in many areas of dentistry, including training with the most respected dentists in Australia. She has extensive training and experience in prosthetic dentistry, occlusion, implants, and surgery. Her particular interest lies in full-mouth rehabilitation.

She regularly attends postgraduate courses to expand her vast knowledge and stays up to date with the latest training and research. Dr. Silvina enjoys spending her leisure time reading books, exploring new destinations, and bonding with her loved ones.

“I am a firm believer that oral health is linked to the body’s general health. I place great importance on educating my patients about the prevention of oral disease, which is paramount for general good health. I am dedicated to achieving the finest aesthetic and functional results by combining technology with effective treatment.”


Dr. Nikki Karunaharan
Associate Dentist

Dr Nikki Karunaharan began her working career as a clinical associate practising on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, before eventually developing a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and the management of phobic patients. She believes the key to practising dentistry is to understand each individual patient’s needs and work closely with them to achieve the best possible clinical outcome.

Her warm and empathic approach, as well as her commitment to ongoing professional development, underlies the high standard of clinical dentistry on which she prides herself.

Nikki subscribes to the advice once offered by a tutor in dentistry: If you treat each patient as if they were a friend or a family member, you’re unlikely to go wrong. It’s a mantra that resounds with her to this day.

Dr. Leah

Dr. Leah Untalan
Associate Dentist

Aldwin Agcaoili_edited.png

Dr. Aldwin Agcaoili
Associate Dentist

Dr Amelita Simpson

Dr. Amelita Simpson
Associate Dentist

Dr. Aldrin Bautista
Dr. Silvina Cabrerizo
Dr. Nikki Karunaharan
Dr. Leah Untalan
Dr. Aldwin Agcaoili
Dr. Amelita Simpson

As the practice manager-owner of Dentist @ Westleigh, Ms Irene is passionate about helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. She earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine from Centro Escolar University- College of Dentistry in Manila, the Philippines in 2005.

I prioritise giving our patients the highest level of customer care and service.”

Before opening this practice, Ms Irene spent 10 years working in dental surgeries as a dental nurse and receptionist. She also served as a practice manager in an eastern suburbs surgery.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not working, Ms Irene loves spending time with her three kids, reading, watching movies, malling and swimming.

Ms. Irene Silva-Bautista  
Practice Manager - Owner



Dental Assistant



Dental Assistant

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Dental Assistant

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