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Children’s Dentistry in Westleigh

The team at Dentist @ Westleigh is skilled in putting kids of all ages at ease about their dental care. By starting early in life, your child can grow up feeling familiar with the dentist’s office, avoiding common concerns and fears that plague many adults.

We’ll keep your child’s oral health in great shape with a range of services such as checkup and cleans or hygiene instructions. Additionally, early orthodontics are available.

Myobrace® Early Orthodontics

Many common dental issues found in adults started in childhood. We seek to prevent your kids from needing more serious intervention later in life with early orthodontics. From the age of 6, we can diagnose possible crowding and the necessary interventions that can work to correct your child’s particular issue.

Straighten teeth the natural way. Instead, removable dental appliances can be worn for just an hour or two each day and overnight to see remarkable results.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us today to learn more! The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is accepted at our practice.


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